‘Ottocentismi’, or the  Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies, aims to promote an interdisciplinary study of Italian culture from 1790 to 1915. It provides a forum for scholars interested in nineteenth-century Italy, both for its high- and low-brow cultures, in the absence of an already established platform of scholarly interaction specifically focused on the Ottocento. Through this forum, scholars from different geographic areas will be able to connect with other scholars as well as to share different teaching and research practices which are tied to the various geographic and institutional affiliations. The main objectives of this initiative are to hold a biennial symposium, to promote innovative interdisciplinary research and collaborative opportunities between scholars and institutions across the arts and humanities, and to maintain a website hosting information on scholarly activities, publications, and events related to nineteenth-century Italian culture.

Ottocentismi o Network interdisciplinare per gli studi italiani sull’800 intende promuovere lo studio interdisciplinare della cultura italiana per il periodo compreso tra il 1790 e il 1915. In mancanza di società o organizzazioni già esistenti e che si occupino specificamente dell’800 italiano, questo Network vuole offrire un punto di riferimento per chi studia e si interessa alle varie forme di espressione culturale e letteraria di questo periodo storico. Attraverso questo forum studiosi e studiose di vari paesi e diverse tradizioni accademiche possono comunicare e confrontarsi nelle loro pratiche di ricerca e lavoro didattico. I principali obiettivi del Network sono: organizzare un simposio biennale, promuovere una ricerca interdisciplinare sull’800 e opportunità collaborative tra docenti e istituzioni di aree geografiche e specializzazioni diverse, e infine, creare un sito web che raccolga informazioni sulle attività, pubblicazioni ed eventi relativi alla ricerca e didattica sulla cultura italiana dell’Ottocento.

News and Events

September 2019: We are proud to announce INNCIS’s first Call for Papers:

Inaugural Biennial Symposium of the Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies (INNCIS) – 2-3 April 2020, Seton Hall University, New Jersey, US.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Barbara Spackman (University of California, Berkeley)

Professor Silvia Tatti (La Sapienza, Università di Roma)

We invite abstracts of c. 150 words to present a 20-minute paper at the inaugural Biennial Interdisciplinary Symposium of the Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies (INNCIS) on any aspect of Italian cultural studies in the long nineteenth century (1790-1915), including, but not limited to:

– early cinema (including magic lanterns), photography, and gramophone recordings and distributions

– print culture, including music, posters & postcards

– performance, performers and the visual arts

– crime, media and ‘processi celebri’

– political and social movements, including slavery, internationalism, Jewish and female emancipation

– pedagogy and the school curriculum

– actual and imagined readerships and spectatorships (of theatre, opera, early cinema, as well as sport), and authorships, including poets

– the Risorgimento, especially in its cultural manifestations

– discourses of sexuality and gender, including positivistism, eugenics, hygiene and buone maniere

– travel writings and travelling

– ideas on ‘nationmaking’

– working-class and ‘subaltern’ cultures

– urban and rural migrations, as well as mass migrations abroad

Contributions can be in English or Italian and can focus on any literary genre (e.g., political treatises, a play, poetry, the novel, etc.), and any nineteenth-century source or author.

Please send your abstract to Gabriella Romani and Silvia Valisa ( and by 2 December 2019.

You will be notified of the outcome of your submission by early January 2020.